Black bean burger

Black Bean Burger

I made rajma a couple days ago, and had a fair amount of cooked black beans left over that I had stored in the fridge. So what’s for dinner tonight?

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This morning I woke up with a black bean burger on my mind. I’ve been craving a dope sandwich for a while for some reason and I’m now determined to make the best damn black bean burger I’ve ever had. I’ve never actually made it before so I headed over to Google. Googling around, it seems like most people dry their cooked beans in the oven for a bit so its not mushy. I drained the water from the beans, but I’m slightly afraid that it’s still too wet.

Toppings… I’m spoiled for choice! I definitely need some mushroom love on mine, but Monica semi-hates them. (I’m working on it don’t worry.) Avocados definitely, that’s the San Franciscan in me I guess. Caramelized onions. Maybe bell peppers? I can pick up some vegan pepper jack as well.

post dinner
Pretty decent dinner I’d say! Definitely lots of room for improvement but I think I’ve unlocked the black bean burger achievement!

For toppings I kept it classic-san-francisco-brunch; semi-caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, avocado, jalapeños and a creamy, spicy cashew-yogurt sauce.

I roasted the cooked kidney beans in the oven. Biggest issue was that for rajma I cooked them to become suuuuper soft. So that wasn’t great for the burger as it got a bit mushy rather than crispy. Not bad for something to do with leftovers, but if I was planning for it, I would cook them much less.

I then mixed it up with olive oil, tons of minced garlic, paprika, and cumin. Monica also found this chia seed mix that you can use as a binding agent instead of egg. I think it worked OK.

Cashew yogurt, sriracha, paprika, minced garlic, minced cilantro, and a generous squeeze of lemon.

Chia Egg

Cool chia seed egg replacement for binding